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Truckload Shipping is a way of transporting goods by road. The goods are transported in big trucks over long distances. Truckload shipment helps in saving your money and ensuring efficient delivery of goods. There are two kinds of truck transportation i.e., Less than truck load (LTL) and Full truck load (FTL) shipping procedures. The main difference between the two is that less than truckload shipping carries goods from various businesses. Truckload shipping carries goods only from a single business or supplier.

Full Truck Load Shipping

Full Truck load Shipping is faster as the trucks don’t deliver goods to different businesses. Also, there is less handling of goods in full truckload freight shipping. The entire truck is reserved for the goods of one business owner. Although it is not necessary to fill the whole capacity of the truck in order to deliver goods. The freight is taken directly to the destination after the shipper loads the products. You can use Full Truckload Freight Shipping when

  • • You are shipping over 12 pallets at a time.
  • • If the product you want to ship is delicate or fragile.
  • • If you require an appointment for delivery.
  • • You want the goods to be delivered anytime soon.

Prestige Logistics provides a reliable capacity to ship your goods in real time. Your Truckload Freight Shipping will be easier with our massive network of dedicated shipping support.

Less than Truck Load Shipping

Less than truck load shipping takes more time to deliver goods. The trucks take too many tops to deliver the goods of each business. The freight is unloaded from the truck several times whenever there is a stop for delivering other goods. Although, LTL reduces the cost of shipping while improving efficiency.

You can use Less than Truckload Freight Shipping when

  • • You are shipping less than 12 pallets
  • • Your product is properly packaged
  • • You can deal with a late delivery
  • • You don’t want to pay extra charges on shipping

We provide shipping support and solutions that match your freight. You can stay efficient with the capacity made as per your needs.

Our network of 100s of shipment carriers makes it easy to access the equipment you need. In this complex truckload freight market, our freight services are very much affordable. Both of the shipping modes utilize semi-trucks to ship goods and deliver only palletized goods.

Truckload Shipment is helpful in maintaining the quality of your goods, driving down transportation costs, and ensuring efficient delivery. The most commonly seen trucks are 48 feet and 53 feet in length. They are having a maximum capacity to hold a weight of up to 45,000 Pounds.

With our reliable truckload services, you can strengthen your supply chain in the market. With our technology-driven solutions, you get better end-to-end visibility and maximum efficiency for your goods.

Work with a trusted third-party logistics provider that has been empowering business growth for several years. Our centralized marketplace connects you to the people, capacity, data, and technology. Full truck load shipping (FTL), and less than truck load (LTL), are required to take your supply chain further at a fast pace.

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